Table of Contents


Section : Understanding the Bible

Chapter: Why Study the Bible
Chapter: Know the subject of the Bible
Chapter: Know the Purpose of the Bible
Chapter: Keys to understanding the Bible

Section : Seven Ways to Unlock the Bible

Chapter: Seven Ways to Unlock the Bible

Section: Principles of Bible Study

Chapter: Advise on how to study the Bible
Chapter: Principles of Bible Study
Chapter: Observation : What does the Bible say?
Chapter: Interpretation : What does the Bible mean?
Chapter: Principles of Interpretation of the Bible.
Chapter: Application : How does it impact me?

Section : Bible Study Methods

Chapter: Bible Study Tools

Unit 1:Studying the entire Bible
Chapter: Topical Bible Study
Chapter: Biographical Study
Chapter: Types in the Bible

 Unit 2: Studying Book by Book:
Chapter: Introduction to Book Bible Study.
Chapter: Book Background
Chapter: Book Overview
Chapter: Book Analysis
Chapter: Book Synthesis

 Unit 3: Studying Chapter by Chapter
Chapter: Passage Analysis
Chapter: Chapter Overview
Chapter: Chapter Analysis

Unit 4: Studying by paragraphs or verses.
Chapter: Daily Meditation
Chapter: Verse by Verse Analysis
Chapter: Verb Analysis

 Unit 5: Studying the Words.
Chapter: Word Study

Section : Appendices

Appendix A : Definitions
Appendix B : How to do an outline
Appendix C : Bible Reading Plans
Appendix D : Bible Study Plans
Appendix E : Bible Study Acrostics
Appendix F:   Abbreviations
Appendix G:  Observation Questions
Appendix H:  Conjunctions



As you use the resources on this site to study God’s word, remember that what will change your life  is the application of what you have studied, not interpretation and understanding. Our earnest prayer is that God will use every word on this website to impact you profoundly and cause a transformation in your life that will lead you to continue to spend time in his word forever. Take a look at the follow scriptures:


“But be doers of the Word [obey the message], and not merely listeners to it, betraying yourselves [into deception by reasoning contrary to the Truth]”. James 1:22 Amp.


“It is not the hearers of the Law who are just before God, but the doers of the Law will be justified.” Romans 2:13 NASB


“Anyone who obeys God’s laws and teaches them will be called great in the Kingdom of Heaven.” Matthew 5:19 NLT


We want you to be called great! So do what the bible says and teach others to do the same.


This website has a comprehensive and well researched book on how to study the Bible by Bible scholar and teacher Dr. Mark Brown. The book puts together the best methods of Bible Study that Christians have used  and loved. The title of the printed book is : How to study the Bible: A collection of the Best Bible Study Methods. Please read the copyright information to know how you can legally use Dr. Brown’s free book — How to study the Bible.


We pray that when you study this book and start practicing the things in it to grow in Christ, that God will give you greater revelations than the ones he has given us and make you a 100 times greater than he will ever make us. We pray that the knowledge you will get from this book will be used by God to take you to much higher levels so that you can serve God and bring glory to him. Amen and Amen!