Putting Everything Together with a Book Synthesis

Tools for Book Synthesis.

A study Bible
Several Contemporary translations.

Definition of Book Synthesis: Book synthesis is the conclusion of our four stage thorough Book Study. In this conclusion, we put everything together.
We began book study with studying the background where we studied the language, cultural, political, geographical, and historical context of the book.
Then we did a book overview where we got an overview of the book, a telescopic view or birds eye view.
Then we did the book analysis where we did a verse by verse study of the entire book, one chapter after another. In this conclusion we tie things up together through the following steps.

Step 1: Observation

1)  Prayerfully reread the book over and over again.
As in the book overview, use a contemporary version, read repeatedly. In the book synthesis, we told you to read slowly. This time, read rapidly. The goal is to round things up and get the big picture not details.

2)  Make a detailed outline.
Summarize the book  by making a detailed outline of the entire book. Make use of the notes that you took in the first three stages.

3)  In your own words, write down a one sentence description of the entire book. Do that in less than 20 words.

4)  Write down the major and minor themes in the book.

Step 2: Interpretation

Write down in short point or bullet form at least 5 lessons that you have learned in the book study that you didn’t know coming in or that you had forgotten but have been seriously reminded in a way that
you are motivated to take action.

Step 3.  Application

Remember the Words of Jesus in Matthew 5:19 “Anyone who obeys God’s laws and teaches them will be called great in the Kingdom of Heaven.”

“Learn one, do one, teach one” is a philosophy that many medical  colleges use to train their young physicians. This is a very fitting approach to practice the Christian faith.
You have dug up some pearls. First do it, then teach others how to do it too.

1) Meditate : Meditation is on of the most important things to do after you have observed, analyzed or interpreted, and classified your verses. Meditating on it is how you actually feed the food of the word to your soul. So this is a crucial step.

2) Write a personal application. As with all the other stages, application is key.

3) Share what you have learned with others. Teach them to your friends, your family, and your mentees.