Definition of Chapter Analysis: Chapter analysis is passage analysis where the scope of the passage is the Chapter. It is a detailed analysis of every verse in the chapter, one by one using the inductive principles of observation, interpretation, and application.

Use this method when you don’t have the time to do a detailed study of the entire book at the same time. You can then progressively cover the entire book if you decide to do the other chapters.  The Book Study Method is preferable if you plan to study the entire book and have the time to put into doing the Book Background, Book Overview, Book Analysis, and Book Synthesis. The Book study method will definitely take more time, but it will also yield much yield more.

Procedure for Chapter Analysis.

Follow procedure on Passage Analysis

As such, the material for this chapter is the same as for the passage analysis. Some authors call passage analysis chapter analysis and then define book analysis as chapter analysis of every chapter in the entire book. That is still an acceptable way to view it. We chose to call it passage analysis and define a passage (with the entire Bible in view) as either a verse(s), paragraph (s), or the entire book.

So go and read the information under passage analysis and apply it to a Chapter in this case.