Why do you need to know the purpose of the Bible?

Knowing the purpose of the Bible will tremendously  help us to easily understand the Bible as we study. Consider for example, any work of art that you can think of. You can learn from the work of art even if you don’t understand the purpose of the work. But for someone who knows the purpose, the depth of understanding will not only be much more, but he will most likely get out of it what the author intended him to get and not what he desires to get. It is the same with knowing the purpose of the Bible.

Purpose of the Bible

  1. To reveal Jesus to us (From Beginning to the End, the Bible is a revelation of Jesus Christ).
  2. For Jesus to reveal God to us.
  3. To reveal our sin and God’s judgment for our sin.
  4. To reveal God’s Grace through Christ as a free gift solution to our sin.
  5. To reveal to us our glorious position in Christ and His glorious Kingdom.


The Bible is all about Jesus from beginning to end, but it is about Jesus not for Jesus’ sake but for our sake.